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What to Take With You on Your Wedding Day



Hi there!

I got married a couple of weeks ago. Before the big day I made a list with stuff that I thought I would need during the day.  This might come in handy if you are getting married or if you know somebody who is.

These two things are the most important:

  • The rings! (of course)
  • Identity card of the couple and of the best man and maid of honor

Things that I think that were very useful during the day. You can keep these in your purse or give it to someone who will be close by all day:

  • Safety pins. I used these to fix my dress, when some buttons broke and to keep up my trail.
  • Make-up to touch up your face during the day
  • Extra hair pins
  • Tissues
  • Deodorant and perfume to smell fresh all day
  • Your cell phone (don’t spend too much time on it, but if you need to reach someone it’s easy to have it with you)
  • Your bank card and/or cash, if you still need to pay something on the day itself
  • Wipes or a spray to remove stains, in case somebody spills something
  • Band Aids in case you get blisters or if you hurt yourself

Extras, which you can keep in a car or at the venue. These are some things that might come in handy as well:

  • Curling iron or hair straightener to fix your hair before the evening guests arrive
  • Hair spray for the same reason mentioned above
  • A box or crate in which you can place the presents that you will receive. This will make it easier to take home.
  • An extra pair of shoes, in case your feet start to hurt

If you have any other ideas feel free to put them in the comments section.  


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