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Hot Spots in Lisbon


Last week I went to beautiful Lisbon, Portugal and I would like
to show you some great restaurants with vegetarian options.

Below you can find a restaurant for each meal of the day!

Breakfast/ brunch: Brunch Café

brunch cafe

We had breakfast at the Brunch Café twice, because they had so many delicious choices.
The second time I ate these pancakes with a grilled cheese sandwich and fruit.
The first time I chose their tortilla with eggs, avocado and tomatoes. 

Location: Rua da Alfandega 120

Lunch: Pois Café

pois cafe

On our first day in Lisbon we stumbled in the Pois Café,
while still carrying our suitcases.
I'm sad we didn't get a chance to go there again during our stay,
because I saw on their menu that they have many different delicious vegetarian options.
I had the bagel with mango chutney, brie cheese, red cabbage, cucumber, red onion and lettuce.

Location: Rua São João da Praça 93–95



Pharmacia is a very fun and trendy restaurant inspired by old pharmacies.
They serve their cocktails in medicine bottles.
The principle at Pharmacia is that you share different small meals at the table,
which is perfect for trying different things.
One of the meals we shared was this quinoa dish with fava beans, peas,
radishes and pea puree.
For my dessert I chose the coffee mousse with praline, which was also to die for. 

Location: Rua Marechal Saldanha 2 

Drinks: Quiosque Ribeira das Naus

ribeira das naus

If you want to have drinks or a small bite to eat
with a beautiful view then Quiosque Ribeira Das Naus is perfect.
During the day you get to sit by the water in the sun
and in the evening you get to see the beautiful sunset.
I can recommend the sangria and the hot chocolate over there. 

Location: Av. Ribeira das Naus 5


I hope these tips were helpful and that you will visit one of these places when you go to Lisbon. 

Let me know if you have been there or if you are planning to visit!