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Pizza With Chicory and Vegetarian Bacon


This was one of those recipes,
where you just put some ingredients together and hope for the best.

Guess what?! It turned out great! My husband also loved it!

pizza after oven

Ingredients for 2 pizzas:

  • 2 pizza crusts (I used Magioni cauliflower crust)
  • 1 large head of chicory
  • 150 g vegetarian bacon (I used 1 package of The Vegetarian Butcher)
  • 3 big tablespoons of mascarpone 
  • Grated cheese 
  • Herbs to taste (I used Italian herbs and a bit of salt and pepper)

pizza ingredients


Preheat the oven to 220°C.
Wash the leaves of the chicory and cut into little pieces. 

Spread 1,5 tablespoon mascarpone per pizza on the crusts.
Add a bit of herbs, salt and pepper if you want. 

Now put the chicory pieces on top and then add the vegetarian bacon. 
Lastly, you can add as much grated cheese as you like.

pizza before oven

Put everything in the oven for 10 minutes.
If you use a different crust that needs more time in the oven,
then put it in the oven first without the toppings.


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