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Frappuccino Hack

This is more of a hack, than a recipe for a Frappuccino style iced coffee.
You can use whichever type of coffee and (chocolate) milk you like.
I made my Frappuccino vegan by using chocolate soy milk.
 iced coffee Groot
  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 250 ml chocolate milk (I used Alpro soya chocolate milk)
  • Optional: vanilla aroma, sweetener
iced coffee blender Groot
Prepare a cup of coffee.
Pour the coffee and chocolate milk in an ice cube tray.
Put in the freezer for at least an hour.
iced coffee ingredients Groot
Blend the ice cubes in a blender
and add some extra chocolate soy milk
or coffee to make it smoother.
Depending on how strong you want the frappuccino to be,
you can add more or less coffee or chocolate milk.
You can also add a splash of regular soy milk, if you want. 
When the Frappuccino is at the preferred consistency
pour it into a glass and enjoy!
Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@laurinie_), if you have made this recipe!